QUEX ED: Pioneering technology in the field of biofeedback

The QUEX ED energy balancing therapy device is a pioneering technology in biofeedback. Our bodies emit invisible vibrations that change when the balance is upset, but also change under even the mildest stress. Biofeedback allows us to assess and analyse the vibrations and biological state of the living body and improve health. During biofeedback therapy there is no penetration of the body, no needle pricks and no pain. Just comfortable measurement, analysis and unlocking the body’s self-healing power.

QUEX ED: Pioneering technology in biofeedback

Previously, it would have been almost unimaginable to painlessly measure the vibrations, balance and problem areas of the living body using a computer system, building on the science of quantum physics.

The QUEX ED biofeedback device works on the principle of biofeedback. During the treatment, sensors attached to the body, together with a computer system linked to them, provide information about the body’s function and condition.

The results are analysed to make changes that help to balance the body’s functions, alleviate symptoms and help the patient feel better physically and mentally.

What is QUEX ED

The QUEX ED is Quantum’s biofeedback device, a non-invasive therapeutic tool that includes hardware, software and high quality sensors such as EEG, EMG and ECG chips.

They measure the electrophysiological signals of the brain, muscles and heart more accurately than previous generation Quantum biofeedback devices.

When we are in pain, nervous or stressed, the way the body works changes. We can feel our muscles tighten and our breathing and heart rate speed up.

With a powerful biofeedback therapy tool like the QUEX ED, we can gain useful information about how the body works and control our body in new and unprecedented ways that can reduce pain or even relax muscles.

How does the QUEX ED work

QUEX ED’s innovative biofeedback system more accurately measures electrophysiological signals, including stress factors.

More accurate detection means more efficient energy balancing. Energy balancing, energy boosting is also possible during biofeedback therapy, and there are a variety of therapy programs and balancing protocols for stress management, stress reduction, pain management, muscle retraining or enhancement.

The treatment involves balancing the most subtle energy centre, the chakra system, and correcting the meridian system – the latter containing the pathways in the body where life energy flows.

Advantages of QUEX ED

The QUEX ED is a ground-breaking therapeutic device that helps to achieve a balanced state of the body. There is no intrusion into the body, no examination and no pain during the therapy itself.

The benefits of the QUEX ED:

  • pioneering technology in biofeedback
  • system equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and noise filters
  • It aims at energy balancing
  • increased electrostimulation capacity, better chakra work, better pain management
  • improves anxiety
  • aids addiction therapies
  • 20 times more sensitive than the QUEX S therapy device
  • during therapy, the mind enters a state of relaxation and meditative bliss
  • better balance of the body, strengthening of the senses, calming of brain waves, reduction of contradictions

QUEX ED helps the patient to feel well, to overcome stress, to achieve a harmonious state.

Future technology in biofeedback therapy

By carefully observing the body, through meditation, we can influence our breathing, heartbeat, pain sensations to restore balance, to feel better, to function better.

The QUEX ED device allows us to measure our biological functions, and based on the feedback of the results, we can learn to change the way the body works in order to achieve harmony and balance.

Combining biofeedback therapy with the technology of the future, biofeedback can help with health problems without the need for drugs, unpleasant tests or painful interventions.

There are no side effects, but at the same time the body’s natural self-healing processes can be freed from inhibition.